Winter Bamboo Cot Quilt 450gsm

Winter Bamboo Cot Quilt 450gsm

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Our Natural Home Winter Bamboo Quilt is luxuriously soft, and is designed with your comfort in mind. Natural Home bamboo bedding has a remarkable advantage over other types of bedding on the market when it comes to comfort - it is incredibly soft to the touch, and lasts wash after wash. The super snuggly quilt ensures you are cosy all year round, no matter the weather. Our quilts are filled with extra lofty, soft and natural 450GSM bamboo, blended with cotton. Bamboo offers sound eco-credentials, and cotton offers extra coziness and warmth. The silky smooth cotton cover helps to reduce moisture by drawing it away from the body and leaving you to enjoy your peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. Our breathable bamboo quilts are designed to keep you warm in the winter and cool during summer, so there’s no need to change quilts throughout the year! Complete with dreamy filling and exquisite stitching, this quilt will keep its shape for a long time, which complements the added bonus of being effortlessly washable. Finally, our Natural Home Winter Bamboo Quilts are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, and treated with Purafresh® that offers antibacterial, anti-microbial and anti-dustmite protection, making the Natural Home quilt the perfect addition for the whole family.

• Material: cotton cover, bamboo-polyester blend filling
• Extra lofty 450GSM filling
• Cover with Purafresh treatment for effective anti-bacterial protection
• Bamboo offers health benefits & extra breathability
• Cotton blend adds natural & breathable warmth
• Lightweight yet durable - great for year round use
• Healthy choice natural bamboo fibres
• Easy care
• Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs

• Cot: XXX
• Single: 140cm x 40cm x 210cm
• Double: 180cm x 40cm x 210cm
• Queen: 210cm x 40cm x 210cm
• King: 240cm x 40cm x 240cm
• Super King: 240cm x 40cm x 270 cm

• Hand or gentle machine wash with approved detergent
• Ensure washing machine remains balanced
• Rinse well, line dry
• Do not tumble dry
• Ironing not required
• Dry cleanable

Made in China